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The Wingate Institute, The National Institute For Sport Excellence, lies on a vibrant campus spread over some 120 acres, between Tel-Aviv and Netanya off the coastal highway.

Wingate Institute was inaugurated in 1957, as Israel's National Center for Physical Education and Sport and is named in honor of Major General Orde Charles Wingate known as "The Friend".

In those days the State of Israel concentrated at the Institute the educational, professional and scientific resources for the development of physical education, "sport for all", and elite sport and sport as a means of social and physical rehabilitation.

Some 5,000 academics, coaches, athletes, students and the general public - both native-born Israeli and new immigrants - pass daily through Wingate's gates. As the National Center for Sport, Wingate aims to promote sports and an active lifestyle among the entire community.

In recognition of extraordinary achievements in the field of education, sport medicine and research, the then President of the State of Israel - the late Mr. Haim Herzog - awarded the prestigious Israel Prize to the Wingate Institute in 1989.

In 2018, with the implementation of "Wingate Law", the Wingate Institute was designated as a government corporation under the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport, and his name was changed to " The National Institute For Sport Excellence".

The vision of The National Institute For Sport Excellence is

"To be a world leader of knowledge, infrastructure and training for locating and nurturing elite athletes in a national perspective".

The Wingate Institute serves as a training center e for national teams, the Olympic Team and hosts international sport science conferences.

The Institute provides to israel's best Olympic athletes, advanced and well-equipped training facilities including olympic swimming pools, Gyms tennis court, athletics stadium, sports hotel, dining room, conference halls and sports medical services.

The Wingate Institute's main units detailed below.

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The Wingate Institute includes:
- Sports Hotel
- Swimming Pools
- Sport and Gymnastic Halls
- Fitness Gymnasia
- Sport Fields
- Fitness and Recuperation Center
- Track & Field Stadium
- Sport Recreation Center
- International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Exhibition
- Permanent Exhibition on Physical Education & Sport

- Central Reference Library
- In-House Publishing
- Audio-Visual Department
- Archives on Sport and Physical Education
- Seminar and Congress Facilities, Corporate fun and sport days
- Dining Rooms
- Halls of Residence
- Cafeteria and Sport Goods Shop

All these facilities and services are at the disposal of the sportsmen - professional and amateur alike - coaches and instructors, physical education teachers and the sports-minded public at large.

The Center comprises the reference library, the Zvi Nishri Archives, the Units for audio visual, multi-media, and the Center for Historical Studies of Physical Education and Sport.

Linked to the Internet, it is the national center for information in all matters relating to physical education, sport and sport medicine science, and serves the academic staff, researchers, students, as well as interested members of the general public..


The School is empowered by the Israeli Sports Law to train coaches and instructors in competitive and non-competitive sports and conducts courses for referees, managers of recreational facilities and sport administrators. Over the years it has prepared thousands of professional personnel who have contributed to the development of sport and physical education in Israel at all levels.

The school of Coaches and Instructors maintains relationship with the Olympic Committee in Israel, with the Elite Sport Department and the Sports Associations in Israel - to make sure that its graduates receive training in accordance with the requirements of the sport in which they wish to operate.

The School of Coaches and Instructors has branches in Tel Aviv, in Jerusalem, in Kiryat Ata, in Rishon LeZion and in Ganei Tikva - and employs the best experts and lecturers in its fields to implement its goals and values.

Ribstein Center for Sport Medicine Sciences and Research, provides medical and scientific services for the Israeli Olympic team and for Israel's top athletes of Israel. The center offers medical services to those involved in physical activity at all ages and at all levels – for professional athletes as well as "sport for all" and populations with special needs.

The Sports Medicine Center offers a wide battery of tests that provides the subject athlete with broad and up to date information that will enable him or her to perform sport activities safely and effectively. Some of these are: basic ergometry test, maximal aerobic capacity (VO2max), Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), lactic threshold test, and the Wingate anaerobic test. The results of these tests enable our professional staff to build a "tailor made" training program that is suited to the physiological conditions and targets of each subject person.

Our Orthopedic and Physiotherapy Department has gained vast experience in treating sports injuries in adults, adolescents, and disabled athletes. A team of dieticians specializing in the nutritional needs of those who practice an active lifestyle offers nutritional assessment and consultations based, among other data, on the results of the RMR test. A special feature in our Department of Behavioral Sciences is the availability of the Wingate 5-step approach for special psychological skills training, used to support members of the Israeli Olympic teams in Athens during critical moments in their competitions.

The Ribstein Center for Sport Medicine Sciences and Research is definitely the place for top athletes, for those who already practice an active lifestyle and wish to progress, and for

This is the Israel’s high performance professional organ. The Elite sport department’s performance directors specialize in High performance tracking and monitoring and elite sport policy.

As such the Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Olympic Committee of Israel relies on the department's knowledge and expertise, when setting Israel’s elite sport Policy. Since the legislation of the national institute for sport excellence (Wingate Institute) in 2017, Wingate institute and the Olympic committee of Israel collaborate in the operation of the elite sport department.

The main goal of the Department is to assist and aid to the success of Israeli elite athletes in the targeted competitions – the Olympic Games, World Championships and European Championships. It's role is to develop tools and knowledge which will support and promote long term success in Israeli elite sport.

The Academy for Sport Excellence was established in 1990. A sport-oriented boarding school for young athletes, boys and girls, who brought together and provided with training facilities and medical-scientific framework - all under one roof.

The excellence standard on which the Academy is based on, is a solid model that influences all aspects of the Israeli sport. In light the successes of our graduates, the Academy also serves as a role model for other training centers in Israel.

To initiate the process of cultivating and promoting young elite athletes in Israel and to encourage these athletes to aspire to excellence and leadership – this is the heart of the vision of the Academy for sport excellence at the Wingate Institute. These goals are fostered while instilling basic values of fair play, social responsibility, teamwork and Israeli identity.

Athena's vision is to change Israel's sports culture, both socially and as "gender thinking" to ensure the full participation of girls and women in all fields of sports, at all levels.

In accordance with this vision the Primary goals of Athena are:

1. Increase grassroots participation of girls and women nationwide, building up the number of high-quality female athletes.

2. Create and promote female leadership in sport.

3. Change social thinking about the importance of sport as a significant factor in training and shaping each and every girl.

Among the main Athena projects:

Professional Program in Sport Associations and Sport Bodies, "Athena Plus" - Enrichment Program, Young Girls Program with School Sport Federation, Female Leadership Program, Athena Ambassadors, Events in the field - "Athena Goes Far", "Athena Top Team" with the Olympic Committee and Projects for expansion of grassroots sport for girls and teens.

The Hall of Fame was founded in 1979 and honors Jewish sportsmen and women worldwide who have accomplished outstanding achievements in sports or made significant contributions to Jewish life through sports.

Over 400 Jewish sport personalities are inducted in the Hall of Fame, bringing honor and adding luster to the rich history of Jews in sport.

"Tailored to your Needs" is the catchword of this department whose task is to meet a specific request of a customer and build a day at Wingate to suit the needs and budget of a multitude of our customers. It offers its services and expertise to create seminars, functions, fun and sport days for a diverse field including schools, corporate bodies, councils and government departments.


The Wingate Institute is located 8 kms south of Netanya off the main Tel Aviv - Haifa Highway (number 2).


For further information and guided tours please contact:
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Wingate Institute
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