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Sport: Boxing
Inducted: 1992
Country: United States
Born: August 30, 1899 in Terre Haute, Indiana
Died: March 7, 1994

Ray Arcel trained 20 World Boxing Champions—his first in 1923 and his fighters won World titles. In 1982, he became the first of only two trainers elected to the Boxing Hall of Fame. At one time, Arcel teamed with Whitey Bimstein to form the most successful training tandem in boxing.

Ray handled more than 2,000 fighters during his 70-year career in the ring, and none of them was ever seriously hurt. His World Champions are: Frankie Genaro (Flyweight, 1923), Abe Goldstein (Bantamweight, 1924), Charlie Phil Rosenberg (Bantamweight, 1925), Jackie “Kid” Berg (Welterweight, 1930), Lou Brouillard (Middleweight, 1933), Teddy Yarosz (Middleweight, 1934), Barney Ross (Lightweight, 1933, and Welterweight, 1934), Sixto Escobar (Bantamweight, 1934), Bob Olin (Light-Heavyweight, 1934), James J. Braddock (Heavyweight, 1934), Tony Marino (Bantamweight, 1936), Freddie Steele (Middleweight, 1937), Ceferino Garcia (Middleweight, 1939), Billy Soose (Middleweight, 1941), Tony Zale (Middleweight, 1946), Ezzard Charles (Heavyweight, 1950), Kid Gavilan (Welterweight, 1951), Roberto Duran (Lightweight, 1972, and Welterweight, 1980), and Larry Holmes (Heavyweight, 1982).

Champions Barney Ross, Tony Ray Arcel Zale, Ezzard Charles, Jackie Berg, Sixto Escobar, Frankie Genaro, Ceferino Garcia, and Kid Gavilan are in The Ring magazine’s Boxing Hall of Fame. Berg, Ross, and Charley Phil Rosenberg are in the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Arcel was elected to The Ring Magazine’s Boxing Hall of Fame in 1982, and International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1991.

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