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Sport: Boxing
Inducted: 2000
Country: United States
Born: November 5, 1899 in New York, New York
Died: December 26, 1945

Jack Bernstein won the World Junior Lightweight Championship on May 30, 1923, decisioning titleholder Johnny Dundee in New York City’s Velodrome. He lost the championship back to Dundee on December 17 that same year in a 15-round decision.

The 5'3", 128-pound Bernstein was a 4-to-1 underdog when he stepped into the ring against Dundee in their first match. But he picked himself off the canvas in the third round to earn a unanimous 15-round decision and the Junior Lightweight crown.

In their return bout seven months later on December 17, Bernstein again dominated Dundee. This time the 15­round decision went to the ex-champion. Some media called the victory decision for Dundee “outrageous,” “putrid,” and “a heist.” The two fought a “rubber” third match 10 months later, on Septem­ber 15, 1924, 3 months after Dundee lost his Junior Lightweight title. This time the 15-round decision went unanimously to Bernstein.

John Dodick first stepped into the ring at age 14 as “Young Kiddy.” In his third match—labeled a workout—he went six rounds in a no-decision fight against young Benny Leonard. A few years later, champion Leonard would not give the mature Bernstein a chance at his title.

Jack also fought the three boxers who would succeed Leonard as Lightweight Champion, all in non-title bouts. He beat Jimmy Goodrich (Leonard’s successor) twice. Against Rocky Kansas (who followed Goodrich), Bernstein won the first in a 15-round decision, drew the second, and lost the third bout. His first fight against Sammy Mandell, Kansas’ successor, ended in a 15-round draw. The second was a no-decision. Their third meeting was a 10­round loss for Bernstein. All three Mandell fights took place within six months.

Enlisting in the Army during World War I, Dodick fought under the name of Kid Murphy. Stationed near the Mexican border, he won a 20-round decision in El Paso, Texas, over Mexican champion Nick Gundy to win what was labeled the Featherweight Border Championship.

Bernstein’s recorded professional record: 89 bouts, 60 wins (14 KOs, 1 foul), 8 draws, 21 losses (1 KO).

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