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Sport: Tennis
Inducted: 1981
Country: German and Great Britain
Born: September 7, 1904 in Poland
Died: September 3, 1991

Following Davis Cup triumphs over Britain’s top seeds Fred Perry and
Bunny Austin and a victory over America’s Frank Shields in 1932,
Daniel Prenn was labeled “Europe’s number one man” by American Lawn Tennis magazine. The German tennis star was the World’s eighth ranked player in 1929 by Bill Tilden, number six in 1932 by England’s A. Wallis Myers, and number seven in 1934 by American Lawn Tennis.

Prenn was at the top of his game, ranked number one in Germany for four straight years, from 1928 to 1932, when he was barred from competition in 1933 when the Nazis came to power. Despite his major success on the court, the German Tennis Federation passed these resolutions (in part) in April 1933: “1. No Jew may be selected for a national team or the Davis Cup. 2. No Jewish or Marxist club or association may be affiliated with the German Tennis Federation. 3. No Jew may hold an official position in the Federation.” And, they added:“ The player Dr. Prenn (a Jew)
will not be selected for the Davis Cup team in 1933.”

Soon after, Prenn moved to England and became a British subject. Although he continued to play competitive tennis, he never quite matched the brilliance that once was his in his homeland.

Representing Germany in Davis Cup competition 1928 through 1932, Prenn played 13 events, winning 17 matches and losing 5.


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