Presented: 2016
Location: Israel

In the year 2000, Arie Rosenzweig organized The Middle East Mediterranean Scholar Athlete Games, bringing together students from the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Israeli Arab youth and Israeli Jewish youth for one week of Sport, Art and Culture on the campus of Tel Aviv University. They participated as individuals, with no national flags, just in friendship.

In 2006, the first Friendship Games took place in, and have since become an annual event, with students from many countries spending a week together enjoying friendly competitions and leisure time in the spirit of 'Friendship and Brotherhood for all Nations'.

In 1982, Arie co-founded the North American Maccabi Youth Games for ages 16 and under. The competitions today feature participation of more than 6,000 junior athletes annually. Rosenzweig has enjoyed a long and distinguished career that includes major responsibilities for organization of the World Maccabiah Games. He was president of the Organizing Committee for the 1989 and 1993 Maccabiot, having served as assistant to the Sports Director for the 1965 and 1969 Games. In 2017, some 8,000 athletes representing 60 countries, participating in 32 branches of sport, will participate in the quadrennial international event.

He served as General Secretary of the Israel Olympic Committee from 2000-2008, and was active in the forming of EUSA (European University Sports Association) and ENAS (European Network of Academic Sport Services). From 2012-2016 he was an Executive Committee member of the European Universities Sports Association.

From 1996-2012, Rosenzweig was President of the Academic Sports Association, organizing the sporting activities of 300,000 Israeli students.

In 1974 he headed the department of Sports and Recreation at Tel Aviv University. The department became the largest Sports and Recreation Centre in Israel, with 10,000 members, comprised of students, faculty members and alumni.

An Executive Committee Member of Wingate Institute since 1996, he is currently deputy Chairman of the Board.

Arie Rosenzweig - Chairmans Award of Excellence
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